Compass Anchor and Trident Wall Art Metal Made in Canada


Compass with “Anchor & Trident” 13×13

This piece is from our “ONE-OFF” creations. Found only here! Be one of the first to own this original item. The Compass with Anchor & Trident created by our design team at MetalMade.

All of our Art is burned on 16 gauge metal.

Option 1) Powder Coated
Currently available in your choice of 4 colors. See benefits of powder coating below.

Option 2) Silver State
Lightly buffed to clean debris, afterwards a layer of clear coat is added to preserve the original state of metal for many moons to come.

Option 3) Age it
Left alone in it’s raw state of metal and untreated. Lightly buffed to remove debris, sharp or hard edges. Overtime your metal wall art will age according to it’s environment. Many pieces of metal art look amazing as they age with heat stress, patina and even rusting stages has an appeal to many

This Item is currently in stock, powder coated in black and ready to ship!

Benefits of Powder Coat

  • Long lasting and color durable from sun fading.
  • Provides a layer of protection against scratches and corrosion.
  • Thicker coating than conventional spray painting methods.
  • Less flammable than spray paint finishes.
  • Non-toxic

Handle with care: Please take precaution when handling and hanging your Metal Made Wall Art. Although we clean your item and remove any sharp edges and debris, some designs may have a hard or sharp edge.

100% Canadian Owned & Operated

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